One Dish: Plated Two Ways

Inspired by Avochef, a digital culinary competition to find the best avocado-based recipes hosted by Avocados From Mexico Canada and Tastet, I wanted to do a post all about my favourite thing: PLATING! Plating really is an art form and it’s often what sets apart the home cook from the professional chef – but that said – there’s no reason why a home cook can’t up their plating game to be on the same level as the pros! I’m sharing a few tips here to help home cooks up their plating game to and give them a leg up in the Avochef competition!

My two ‘go-to’ plating designs are: Classic Centre and Asymmetrical and in order to best illustrate their characteristics, I’ve created what I’m calling: “One Dish, Plated Two ways” – featuring seared scallops, panko-fried avocado bites, and avocado-pea puree.

Here are my top five tips for plating:

  1. Have a plan! Make a quick sketch ahead of plating or if that feels like too much work, just take a few moments to plan it out in your head before diving in.
  2. Use contrasting colours and flavours.
  3. Play with textures.
  4. Create height or dimension.
  5. Always use edible garnishes.

Classic Centre Design

For a classic centre plating design, arrange all the elements in the centre of the plate, keeping an even space around the outside.


For an asymmetrical plating design, arrange all the elements vertically on one side, leaving a deliberate void space on the majority of the plate.

Now that you have some plating tricks up your sleeve, make sure to enter AvoChef for a chance to win some incredible prizes! More information:

AVOCHEF CONTEST – A digital culinary competition to find the best avocado-based recipes.

How to participate?


  • Enter by posting a picture of your recipe directly in the comments of the contest Facebook post and tag @avosmexico_ca, @Tastet, and use #Avoschef


  • Enter by posting a picture of your recipe in IG stories and tag @avosmexico_ca, @Tastet, and use #Avoschef

The prizes:

A selection of the top 10 best recipes will be presented to the jury of two chefs, after which they will choose a top 5 based on the following five criteria: ease of execution, taste, use of avocados, plating, originality. The two chefs will prepare the recipes in their own restaurant and elect the three best based on all the selection criteria.

The winners will be announced by video conference, gathering the five people behind the chosen recipes as guests, as well as the chefs. The top 3 will then be revealed: the most original recipe, the recipe with the most beautiful presentation, the recipe with the best taste. There will also be a participation prize for the 4th and 5th.

Tastet will publish on its platforms the best recipe chosen by the jury, as well as the names of the three finalists and their story.

– Best recipe: Cast Iron Le Creuset set, Avocado from Mexico goodies and an online cooking class with Aicia Collaci

– Best presentation: Kitchen Aid Mixer stand and Avocado From Mexico goodies

– Most original recipe: Cuisinart food processor and Avocado from Mexico goodies

– Participation price for the 4th and 5th: products from the Tastet store and Avocados From Mexico goodies

The Chefs/Judges:

Aicia Collaci – Former chef of Impasto and participant in Top Chef Canada 2021

Victor Soto – Chef of Victor Tacos

FINAL DAY TO ENTER: JULY 12 ~ Good luck!