From a young age, I had an obsession with fashion as a means of expression. I was reminded just the other day from a childhood friend about the days when I would push the boundaries of how “children” should dress and would wear what she described as “runway outfits” in Grade 6. Fast forward to today – and I still look at fashion as a means of artistic expression!(& let’s be honest… when your parents name you Chanelle Saks, you kind of also don’t have a choice!? 😉 )

Shirt is OBEY and pants are ADIDAS – both purchased at Simons.

Although I was literally named after one of the most iconic (& expensive) fashion houses of all time CHANEL I don’t think you fashion has to be expensive! Hence my love for SIMONS! I am probably one of the rare ones who still actually shops in stores, because to be honest, I gotta lot of curves so I find ordering online a big hit or miss! Here are some of my favourite looks recently from Simons that are all super affordable and badass (in my opinion 😉 ) And of course, supporting a Canadian is also always a plus!

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